Forbes has ranked Buffalo as the best city  for working moms and their families in all of the country. What makes the folks at Forbes think working moms have it so great here?

Buffalo moves up to number one on the list year, after last year's tenth ranking (knocking New York City out of first place).  Forbes indicates the city's number one ranking is the result of several factors including job opportunities, earning potential, commute times, safety, health care, education and the cost of childcare.

The Forbes article also points out that "Buffalo is home to one of Working Mother’s best companies, State University of New York at Buffalo, where employees are given a generous  28 weeks of job-guaranteed time off when they give birth, father or adopt a child."

Now, most of us don't have so much maternity leave.  My commute time though is fabulous, and our schools and doctors are great here!  And, hey, it's nice to be number one!