What's your favorite Chris Drury memory?  Sabres fans must have many.  Drury announced on Friday, after 12 seasons in the NHL, he is retiring.  What do you remember most about him?  Clutch goals?  His leadership?  His love for the game?

Drury spent three seasons with the Sabres before heading off to New York in 2007.  I always felt a degree of certainty when he was on the ice that a win was inevitable, even when we were down by one with just a few seconds left in the game.  Drury had a way of putting the puck in the net at the most critical of times.  Drury scored 85 goals and 104 assists as a Sabre, tallying 189 points.  Drury's era with the team, along with Danny Briere and Brian Campbell, was a memorable one for Sabres fans.  So much excitement, so much hope.  Sadly, no Stanley Cup though.  What do you remember about Chris Drury?

Remember this? Chris Drury scores the tying and then winning overtime goal in game five of the 2006-2007 playoff series against the New York Rangers:

Just for sentimental sake, here's a little more for Chris Drury fans about his family, and growing up in a small town. One of my favorite non-hockey stories about Drury is his youth baseball team's victory in the Little League World Series. A couple of years ago, my family stopped in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the home of the Little League World Series. It was pretty cool, to see his name on a plaque on the wall for baseball.

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