Cotton candy, sugar free grape, or just 'blue'...what is your Surpee preference?  Whatever your fave flavor, what's really cool (pun very much intended), is that Slurpees are free today in honor of the 11th of July.  Get it?  7-11 day.

According to the AP news service the frozen treat, which was introduced by 7-11 stores in 1966, will be given away at 7-11 locations across the country all day.  7-11s have been doing this for 16 years--not a bad way to get people in their stores!

If you do want to celebrate the occasion, there are around dozens of 7-11 stores in the Buffalo area. You can find them in Elmwood, Grand Island, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Lockport, Tonawanda, Lancaster, Hamburg, Orchard Park and on and on.  Find the closest one to you with this handy Store Locator. I've already begun to celebrate!