Do you remember Frogger? It was one of the most popular video ganes of the 1980's [the so-called "golden age" of arcade adventures], and updated versions are still popular on Internet game sites. If you don't remember [or maybe were too young the first time around], here's an early home version:

[ratkova, via YouTube]

Frogger was so popular that, almost twenty years later, George Costanza's attempt to save an old arcade game that held his high score was the basis of an episode of Seinfeld:

[marshmallos5, via YouTube]

And while doing a little online exploring, I found this short film from the Japanese design team Denimrock, looking at the frog's attempt at a little payback [anyone who ever wanted to see Wile E. Coyote nail the Roadrunner in those old cartoons will appreciate this]:

[hexquare, via YouTube]

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