So, what do you do when your kids swear? Well, first maybe I should ask, what do you considering swearing? I really don't even like hearing what some would consider milder curse words out of my kids mouths. I always tell them just because they might know a few, doesn't mean they have to use them.

When my kids were younger, swear words consisted of the "S" word... Stupid! The "F" word... Freak! And, of course the dreaded "C" word... Crap! Now that Jen and Ry are getting older, swear words fall more directly into the category of profanity. I think both of my kids know quite a few of the words. They hear them on the bus and from what Jen tells me, in school too. (Thankfully, I don't think they know them all, yet.) Ry doesn't say much about the topic. Although every once in a while, he turns beat red and in a low voice utters something that may resemble a word I wouldn't want him to say. So far, a reminder that we don't use those words has been enough... but then again, they're only 10 and 12 years old. The teenage years are yet to come.

So, what do you do when your kids utter a word you wish they hadn't?