Full House. You've probably seen at least an episode or two, whether during its original eight-season run on ABC, or as a rerun somewhere on the dial. Well, the cast [minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; their picture is above, so you can at least pretend they were there] got together in L.A. last weekend to celebrate its 25th anniversary!

The picturee on our "front page" was taken by Andrea Barber ("Kimmy Gibbler") and shows all the attendees (looking pretty good, I think, 25 years later. If you want to see how they aged during the show's eight season, this link takes you to a season-by-season recap of all the opening credits, courtesy of TVThemeSongs1].

I'm a little surprised that there's never been talk of a movie version of the series. Considering some of the sitcom-to-movie choices, Full House seems like a natural.Any thoughts for the cast? The story line? Jump in here, or on our Facebook page.

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