Funeral Services will be held today for 14-year-old Bryce Buchholz.  The Lancaster Middle School student was killed by a hit-and-run driver last Thursday night while riding his bicycle on Lake Avenue.  Police believe the driver had been drinking.  While Bryce's family mourns his loss, his father has left his friends a message.

Many students will be among those attending services for Bryce this morning at Saint Gabriel's Church on Clinton Street in Elma.

Family and friends gathered over the weekend recalling Bryce as a young man who loved bike riding and always seemed to put a smile on every one's face.  Many wore the color orange, Bryce's favorite.

They came together at  the site of the horrific incident on Lake Avenue near Sagebrush where a memorial has been set up with flowers, notes and other items - including a note from Bryce's father, thanking the teenager's friends for their support and asking them to remember Bryce.

Hundreds of people also gathered  at Bryce's wake where the line of those who came to pay their respects went out the door and through the parking lot.

Tears will flow at today's services, but I would like to think it's not good-bye for his family and friends... it's just "till we meet again at Heaven's gate."  God Bless Bryce and his family.