From truckers to cab drivers and folks like me who have a six hour travel every weekend to visit family, the lower gas prices are a great thing. For those who depend on higher prices, not so good as experts say the lower price trend should continue through winter.

So as more and more states post prices below $2 a gallon, here in New York, prices are still well above the national average.

WIVB TV reports the details on why us New Yorkers pay more:

.08 cents – Excise Tax
.184 cents – Petroleum Business Tax
.08 cents – State Sales Tax
.05 cents – Petroleum Testing Fee
.20 cents – Spill Tax
.133 cents – Local Sales Tax
.184 cents – Federal Gas Tax

This accounts for about 66 cents a gallon of what we pay.

The price of diesel fuel has remained rather consistent over the year providing no relief for some truckers and motorists. This could be due to a higher global supply and demand for diesel.

So enjoy it while it lasts America as we know things will most likely change by Spring.

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