George Michael debuted a romantic new song recorded in honor of Prince William's upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton on Friday's 'Piers Morgan Tonight'.

According to PopEater,The ballad is a cover of a Stevie Wonder track, 'You and I.' It's available via, where the British singer asks fans to download the song free and make a charitable contribution to the Royal Wedding Charity Fund.

"I'm incredibly happy for William, incredibly happy for his partner, and I'm absolutely sure that Diana would have loved the whole thing," Michael said. "I really hope she would have loved this track."

Georgy Porgy, 47, wasn't always so eager to sing for the royal family.
A while back, the singer allegedly declined Princess Diana's request to perform a duet with Sir Elton John at an intimate Christmas party, on the grounds that he "just can't deal with singing in front of small crowds." The invitation was said to be a special favor to Diana's son, William, then just 8 years old. Recounting the incident on Twitter recently, Michael cracked, "So I bloody said no to the future king of my country."

One would need a strong sense of humor to rebound after the kind of year Michael has been through: He was released from jail in October, after serving time for crashing his car while on drugs last summer. He'd been found slumped over the wheel of his Range Rover, and admitted being under the influence. In addition to an eight-week prison sentence (he was released early), he was slapped with a fine and five-year ban from getting behing the wheel.

Try to keep it between the curbs, George.