Seems like it has really become the rule of thumb that you never post anything online that might come back to haunt you.  Now of course hindsight is 20/20, and George Zimmerman is finding that out the hard way. 

Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, George Zimmerman's MySpace page from 2005 has surfaced.  Apparently there are some disparaging remarks about Mexicans on the page. 

"I dont miss driving around scared to hit Mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft *ss wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around dont make you a man in my book,” the 2005 Myspace page said. “Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!”

Clearly he had some issues back then too.  little did he know he'd be on trial for murder a number of years later.

Rem,ember, don't piost anything online that might come back to bite you.