Do you miss the Sabres as much as I do?This lockout, or lockdown, or whatever, has me realizing how big a fan of our NHL team I really am. i've heard other NHL cities have re-broadcast old games [not the same as fresh, but much better than nothing]. Due North of here, CBC-TV has been filling in for Hockey Night In Canada with classic games. Even better, they're letting fans vote from a field of five which game will be repeated.

This all comes up, of course, because a classic Sabres game is one of the five candidates for next Saturday's game. The 2008 NHL Winter Classic transformed Ralph Wilson Stadium into a hockey rink holding about 80,000 screaming, delighted fans.The success of what was supposed to be a one-time experiment has made the Winter Classic an annual part of the NHL season [the Detroit Red Wings are set to host this season's version. They'll play Toronto on New Year's Day, labor dispute permitting, in a game set for the home field of the University of Michigan, which holds 100,000+].

Last time I checked [Friday morning], the Buffalo Winter Classic was running a distant third in the survey, behind two games featuring Hall Of Famer Wayne Gretzky. Hey, I like "the Great One" as much as anybody. But our civic pride is on the line here, folks! And, we still can pull this one out!

This link takes you directly to the voting page of CBC Sports. You can vote as many times as you want [Unethical? Maybe. But if Gretzky's fans can stuff the ballot box, why can't we?]. Share this link with family, friends, co-workers, anybody with a computer! There's still time to make this interesting...