All married couples know that keeping your marriage a loving and fulfilling relationship is hard work. Between jobs, kids, family and friends there is not much time for the two of you. recently published an article about how to keep your marriage on track.

Here are their top 5 ways:

5. Take your fighting gloves off

Rather than fight out your problems in the height of your anger, walk away for a few moments to calm down.

4. Use the three-sentence rule

When saying something to your spouse that could be taken as being aggressive, keep your comment to a maximum of three sentences and use a non-confrontational tone.

3. Make a financial plan together

Money is by far the most common thing couples argue about. Hash out a financial plan that the both of you can live with and stick to it. This will eliminate a huge percentage of your arguments and you'll be in a better finacial situation.

2. Define your problems

Figure out what is working in your relationship and make a plan on how to maximize those moments.

1. Nurture yourself

Marriage is all about giving but don't forget yourself. Make time to take care of you or you will become resentful toward your spouse

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