Get the snowblowers out, have your gas cans filled, and shovels ready -- WNY could see its first significant snowfall this weekend.

I've been fooled by the unseasonably nice weather -- we are already halfway through November, after all.

According to there are two different weather models -- both predicting snow starting Sunday -- with forecasted amounts ranging from a typical no-big-deal-to-WNYers type of snow, to the amounts that will have kids praying for a school closing.


"The North American model shows only a few inches of snow falling in Buffalo from Sunday through Monday night. The European model shows significantly more. A simple difference in two degrees could make a huge difference in the amount of snow the storm produces. Just like two different personalities, one model sees things one way versus the other. That means one model believes the temperature will drop more quickly than the other."


Either way, it never hurts to be prepared! Whether it's this weekend, or next -- we all know the snow is coming...eventually.