My friend and I were laughing this afternoon, when we realized that neither of us had been to the gym and had fallen off of our programs. Oh no !! I am starting to see a pattern. During the holidays, the hustle and bustle takes first place in my life. I thought, "maybe I should wait for the beginning of the year".I realize this is not the best idea. It's not in my head that 5 lbs turns to 10lbs if nothing is done. Working out in the 1st of the year can be trying. I never can get a machine at my usually sleepy gym. I refuse to work out at 4 A.M. I would much rather get a couple of hours of sleep in my warm bed. Here's a few tips to get you back on track

1. Get back on plan TODAY !!

2. Purchase a new workout outfit

3. Eat your fruits and veggies

4.Toss 4 of the 6 cookies you were going to eat to the side

5. Eat plenty of lean protein