Back in March, I wrote about the "giant mosquitoes" and how they were set to invade central Florida. According to CBS6 in Orlando, they've made landfall.

CBS Orlando

I don't even know that Heather Davis' homemade mosquito trap could contain these guys. To me, they look like flying horses.

But apparently we've got another angry little bugger who wants to feast on us...and our electronics.  They're actually called "crazy ants" (not the kind that's always at Thanksgiving)...and they're mostly in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. And they find your electrical equipment delicious!!!

University of Texas, Austin

They chew through wires...which obviously zaps them dead. But then THAT gives off a scent, attracting MORE of them for that same suicide mission. And even though they keep offing themselves, you still need an exterminator if they show up.

Looks like I'm staying inside a LOT this summer...