Okay, you finally finished your Christmas shopping [now please try not to rub it in the face of those of us who haven't even started yet]. Are your gifts all wrapped yet [Hah! Didn't think so!]? Are you dreading putting the paper on them? Fear not, friends, that's what the Internet is for!

No, the Internet won't wrap your gifts [although there may be a gift-wrapping service or two out there you can contact]. But there are quite a few instructional videos online to help you through the process. One of the best ones, oddly enough, stars Santa Claus himself:

[ExpertVillage.com, via YouTube]

Santa's tips will help in many, if not most cases. But what if you have to wrap something a bit unusual?

[MoreFloppyCat, via YouTube]

I think that covers everything. If not, you can try these suggestions from GoodHousekeeping.com [or for serious show-offs, try MarthaStewart.com ]. As to not being done shopping, all I can do is yell, rather loudly, HURRY!!