I'm no health expert.

I'm not a registered dietitian.

However, it makes me INSANE when I hear SO many people going NUTS over "gluten-free" anything...gluten-free cupcakes, gluten-free chicken, gluten-free pencils...ENOUGH ALREADY!

I've always been taught that unless you have Celiac Disease or other intolerance to this specific wheat protein, you do NOT need gluten-free anything. As a matter of fact, going gluten free when you don't NEED to can be harmful!

Gluten free does not mean "healthier" or "low carb". It doesn't make it any more "paleo" than standing inside a garage makes you closer to being a car.

It simply means there's no gluten...for those with digestive problems and/or Celiac Disease.

So, what is gluten anyway? I'm glad you asked. I'm even more glad someone put together a layman's terms explanation.