When I was in middle school the list of items you could not bring was a short one. No radios, candy, gum, or squirt guns. For some reason squirt guns were a big problem. Now it’s a much more sophisticated list!

As kids head back to school this fall they need to leave these at home. Trust me my wife works in the Buffalo Schools and she will confiscate them!

Cell Phones:

Parents will ask how my child will call me if they need a ride, etc. Sorry, use the ancient “land line” in the office.


The modern version of the radio, but still a distraction. Tough to pay attention in class wearing earphones!

Nintendo DS:

Really, electronic games of any kind just aren't going to fly in the classroom.

Large amounts of extra money:

Generally causes problems and the buying and selling of just about anything!

Read the dress code!

The list of clothing items that is not allowed has grown longer! Most schools will send your child home to change. Very inconvenient if you are at work!

How about no skateboards, in line skates, jewelry that could injure someone. The list goes on! What about the school your child goes to? What items don't they allow?