The traditional stereotype of gamers- people who play video games on computers, hand-held units or smartphones - has been, well, geeky, and predominantly male. But a new survey lobs a plasma grenade into that image.

The study, commissioned by game website Gamehouse, looked at more than 2,000 adults. It revealed that more than half of all online gamers are women (55% versus 45 % men). Another surprise: 64% are in a serious relationship (either married or living with a partner). And 7 out of 10 say the relationship is happy.

And did I mention that women gamers have a more active love life than their friends who don't play (although the difference is only 5 %)?

Most women gamers said they didn't play online games to meet people. Relieving stress, avoiding boredom, and as a mental break were the most cited reasons for women to blast a few aliens. 61% of women play online games between 8 PM and Midnight, probably getting into the games after getting the kids to bed.

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