My neighborhood is like many others in Western New York, most days. Today, there was a police road block at the end of my street as I returned home from taking the kids to camp. Why? Because Governor Andrew Cuomo was stopping by my neighbor's house to sign new property tax cap legislation for New York!

Thankfully, all I had to do was flash my license and the officers let me down the street. Neighbors were gathered on Jen and Ian Martin's front lawn along with many reporters, photographers and politicians. My husband, Jerry, and I joined the crowd and waited for Goveror Cuomo to arrive. About 11am, a black SUV came down the street. Governor Cuomo stopped for a brief meeting with the Martin family.  Then, the governor took center stage, or should I say "center front lawn." Cuomo gave an animated speech about property taxes and government spending. He obviously knows how to hold a crowds attention, with lively stories and references to the Martin boys.  Ultimately, he signed the legislation and posed for photos.