Pete Hausmann started this post last weekend, trying to decide which is the way to go...GAS or CHARCOAL!

Time to throw in my two and cents and yours!

When I grew up we started with was the only way to go! Forget that it took forever to get the coals hot, forget that if you put your steak, hamburgers, hotdogs on the grill too soon after applying the charcoal lighter they tasted like a mix between kerosene and Raid. It was the finished product, that made it all worthwhile, and the occasional burger with ashes on it (ahem).

Then we got a gas grill, not propane, natural gas! Dad hooked it up in the backyard, we dug a hole about two feet down, set the base in concrete (yeah baby)...the way to go. It was cleaner, didn't take as long, less set-up, no lighting fluid to contend with, but it didn't have the charcoal taste.

What do the experts are the pros and cons:

Gas Grills - The Pros: Versatility, speed, ease of use, temperature control, ease of cleaning. The Cons: cost and maintenance.

Charcoal Grills - The Pros: flavor, heat, cost. The Cons: time, cleaning, temperature, seasonality

Have I given you something to chew on? Good, let us know. In the meantime, I am going to Teds!