Another reason to love Halloween parties is making some really, truly disgusting-looking dishes.

This one above is one I came up with a couple years ago, and since I've never named it before, I decided, 20 seconds ago, to call it "Worms In A Severed Arm". Not real catchy, but I'm no culinary genius...

Worms In A Severed Arm

Organic chicken sausage links
Uncooked spaghetti (the thicker the better)

Actually, you can use whatever sausage you like, but it should be at least silver-dollar-sized in circumference for the full effect. Makes it a little more manageable too.

Brown the sausage in a pan according to package directions. Let cool to the touch...cut the sausage into 2 inch logs. Take UNCOOKED spaghetti, and carefully feed through the sausage, cut end to cut end.

Toss the sausage and pasta piece into boiling water until pasta is done...about 9 to 11 minutes.

Serve with marinara sauce guessed it...blood. :)