And it keeps growing!  As of 3pm today, the Powerball jackpot is up to $550 million.  It might even get to $600 million!

Around the office we were plotting all the things we'd do with it, like buy an island, oput away $1 million a year to live off of for the next 40 years, planes, houses.  So much fun.  We even thought about who we'd tell to stick it if we won.

Congrats to Charlene Cousineau of Buffalo who won the Joy V.I.P. Powerball tickets.


Good luck to all.  If you happen to win, feel free to through some cash at your favorite radio station ;)


I have to say, this morning was the most fun I've had in a long time on the radio...because during the 7am JoyFM Powerball Power Hour, I handed out Powerball tickets like candy (where did that phrase come from anyway....because no one's ever just handed me candy.  I digress...).

If you know any of these folks, you may want to remind them they're your gooooooooood friend:

Kevin Maley - Amherst
Lorraine Slew - Getsville
Michelle Maltby - Hamburg
Dennis Hudomint - Akron
Claudia Stachura - Snyder

They were BIG winners during the 7am Power Hour.  CONGRATS!!!!! :)

Did you give up?  NOT YET!  VIP members have a shot at picking up 5 more Powerball tickets!  Sign up now!

<3 Laura