So you're hosting a Halloween party for your kids, and are looking for ways to keep all of the little monsters busy?  Here's a few ideas that will help them burn off all that sugar!

Instead of bobbing for apples, have them try to take a bite out of a donut.  The minature donuts work best.  Just hang several on string in a row, and let them go at it.  It's not as messy as bobbing for apples.

Another idea, pin the face on the jack-o-lantern.  Make yourself a big pumpkin out of poster board, and the eyes, nose and mouth... and let the kids go at it blindfolded.  A much funner version of the old pin the tail on the donkey game for Halloween.

How about "Monster Freeze?"  Put on "Monster Mash" and other Halloween tunes and let the kids show off their moves.  They have to freeze though when the music stops!

How about "Capture the Ghost!"  Basically, a Halloween version of "Capture the Flag" with a ghostly theme!

Relay races are a fun choice.  Instead of running though, the kids can walk like zombies or fly on broomsticks.

Finally, how about Pumpkin Bowling.  Use small pumpkins without stems as  balls and plastic bottles as pins.  The kids will have a riot!