Help us determine a winner in our Halloween pet costume contest by voting for one of the great pictures in this group!

Take a look at the photos below, then click the button at the bottom to vote for a pet in this group. Remember, you must be logged in to your Joy FM VIP account to vote, and you can vote once per day per account.

Ace (Submitted by Sue Ann Golimowski)

Ace, Submitted by Sue Ann Golimowski

Baylee (Submitted by Melanie Schuler)

Baylee, Submitted by Melanie Schuler

Beetlejuice and Clyde (Submitted by Heidi Schamberger)

Beetlejuice and Clyde, Submitted by Heidi Schamberger

CoCo (Submitted by Gabi Militello)

CoCo, Submitted by Gabi Militello

Daisey (Submitted by Terry Michalek)

Daisey, Submitted by Terry Michalek

Day-Z (Submitted by Deanna Watson)

Day-Z, Submitted by Deanna Watson

Jewel (Submitted by Heather Zahno)

Jewel, Submitted by Heather Zahno

Lily (Submitted by Jim Burke)

Lily, Submitted by Jim Burke

Little Momma (Submitted by Rachel Mitchell)

Little Momma, Submitted by Rachel Mitchell

Mindy (Submitted by Marie Montford)

Mindy, Submitted by Marie Montford