Help us determine a winner in our Halloween pet costume contest by voting for one of the great pictures in this group!

Take a look at the photos below, then click the button at the bottom to vote for a pet in this group. Remember, you must be logged in to your Joy FM VIP account to vote, and you can vote once per day per account.

Cookie (Submitted by Dalibor Stare)

Cookie, Submitted by Dalibor Stare

Delta and Daphne (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)

Delta and Daphne, Submitted by Kathleen Measer

Ella (Submitted by Michelle Rowe)

Ella, Submitted by Michelle Rowe

Izzy (Submitted by Melissa Veronica)

Izzy, Submitted by Melissa Veronica

Lucki (Submitted by Gail Gatas)

Lucki, Submitted by Gail Gatas

Maggie (Submitted by Vikki Lee)

Maggie, Submitted by Vikki Lee

MC (Submitted by Janie Troup)

MC, Submitted by Janie Troup

Oscar (Submitted by Julie Cercone)

Oscar, Submitted by Julie Cercone

Sam and Mack (Submitted by Laura Gazda)

Sam and Mack, Submitted by Laura Gazda

William (Submitted by Abi Roman)

William, Submitted by Abi Roman