"Who can turn the world on with her smile".  Remember that opening line from the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song? Ah yes, MTM...known as "Mary Richards" on that show. Of course she was in the Dick Van Dyke Show where she played Rob's wife, Laura Petrie. Add to that her numerous movies, books, Broadway shows and humanitarian and animal rights efforts. Well today, December 29th is her birthday!

Mary Tyler Moore turns 75 today. Fans of MTM even have their own website. Click here and learn more about this very talented lady. You can also get updates on her latest health problems which have plagued her over the years. Most recently in May of this year, it was a brain tumor. Fortunately, it was benign.

Want to test your "Mary Tyler Moore Show" knowledge? As you'll recall she worked for a Minneapolis television station WJM-TV. What was the channel number? HINT...you'll find the answer on Ted Baxter's suit-coat near the end of the video.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mary! Thanks for all the great memories! Insert "kitten meow" here!