My family and I wish you a Happy Easter! Easter morning in the Chille household began about 6:50am (twin 10 year olds), with Colby and Grace searching for Easter baskets, Corinna thought I should sleep-in (God Bless you honey).

Let's back up to the pre-Easter activities on Saturday. Corinna took Grace to soccer at 7:30am. Then we worked in the yard, everyone in our neighborhood seemed to simultaneously find their lawn mowers yesterday. We had a light dinner and I took Colby to baseball practice, while Corinna went grocery shopping, for eggs, and lunch meat, and milk, and eggs, I did say eggs right? Upon her return the kids wanted to color Easter eggs (I did mention eggs before right?).

We only had one wire dipping-instrument (what happened to the one we saved from last year), which caused a bit of an early dilemma, but Mom (referee) improvised. Then we realized there were 5 color tablets (divided by two kids, ughhh, why couldn't there be six color tablets), Mom (referee) again to the rescue. At this point I retired to the living room with the two dogs, who remarkably were very content this evening.

Mom had prepared between 12 and 18 eggs, just in case of an "egg-cident", which happened early on. Then came the colors, the standard, the half and half, the blended...I remained in the living room contemplating what would happen if an asteroid destroyed the earth before the eggs were done.

Before I knew it the finished product, and everyone eventually went off to bed, except for Mom who was leaving some last minute instructions for the Easter Bunny.

Wouldn't it be easier if the Easter Bunny laid colored Easter eggs? Enjoy Easter, Passover, or just a relaxing weekend.