The holidays are here and many of us will be traveling the globe. When your traveling it's so easy to get sidetracked from your" healthy routine". Here are a few tips to keep you in the game.

If you are traveling the friendly skies try packing all of your dry healthy snacks in your carry on. Nuts, Protein/power bars, fruits and instant oatmeal travel very well. Think twice about placing your food in luggage. You may have to check your bag at the gate if the overhead bins are full. For the serious foodies, ship your foods to your hotel. Be careful about shipping food to a friend or family members house. You don't want to insult anyone.

Plan your exercise routine in advance. Contact the hotel and ask about the workout facility. I love a hotel with a pool. It's a fun workout and a nice slice of vacation fun!!! If your hotel or friends house dos not have a gym, bring a DVD and pop it in. Pack resistance bands in your purse and your off.