Oh goodness, I guess the closet doors are beginning to open up on Ashton and Demi. The couple is still together amid allegations of an affair between Ashton and another young woman in San Diego. The girl has come out to talk of her romp with Ashton. This is the second time Ashton's infidelities have made the headline news.

 So we are beginning to wonder will Demi stay or go. It is completely up to her either way. I promise something of more importance will come along and we will have forgotten and forgiven. Now rumors have begun swirling about Demi. Did she have an affair on Ashton? Are they playing tit for tat?

If Demi did have an affair she chose to stay a little to close to home. Demi has been accused of having a affair with 27 year old Ben Hollingsworth,  Ashton's friend. Oh goodness !! What did I just say about dating your friends ex, a major no no no.  This also goes for dating your currents friend. Not acceptable.