Have you had enough of the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan? I'm asking because I sure have!

I won't take up your time or space here running through Ms. Lohan's checkered off-screen life, but suffice it to say she's had more "do-overs" than the worst golfer on the course. Currently, she's filming Liz And Dick, a made-for-TV movie about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Reports from the set have been good, and it seemed like Lohan might have cleaned up her act.

Then, last week, Lohan reportedly left the scene of an accident. Bad enough for her, since it might have violated her probation. But it gets worse: TMZ is reporting this morning that the insurance policy covering her movie strictly forbids her from driving at all during filming! She'd allegedly been doing her own driving since the movie work began, but everyone ignored it until the accident last week.

So far, the insurance company is keeping the policy open. But if it changes its decision, Lohan might single-handedly shut down the movie. That's the kind of snafu that really could end her "comeback" before it starts.

Let's face it. If you or I had done everything Lindsay Lohan has done, we'd still be in jail with a long sentence ahead of us. Which rather begs the question: