My son has! 

I got a text from my wife late yesterday afternoon with the above pictures, so I asked when it happened. She said that morning (on my watch)!

She said it took her a while to pull it out of him. He kept saying that he didn't cut his hair...that a friend at school cut it...but then the truth came out after he was threatened to go to the doc's for shots to see why his hair was falling out on its own! (Nice work, Mom!)

Here is what one of our friends suggested: Take him to the hairdresser for a buzz cut. That will teach him a lesson!

I suggested we go the opposite way and give him the scissors and have him go to town, and when he goes to school, everyone will tell him he looks silly, so he'll probably think twice after that.

Then a light bulb went off! We found cut doll hair under his bed last week when we were cleaning. He must have been practicing! Sneaky little guy.

Has this ever happened to you?