It’s official.

The Hatchimal is *the* toy of the Holiday 2016 Shopping Season.

Unless you managed to pick one of these up when the product launched on October 7, you’ll find yourself in the same hunt our parents were for Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in 1983.

The Hatchimals arrive as an egg, that you must play with in order for it to hatch. Once your Hatchimal is born, it goes from baby to toddler to kid, and even sings “Hatchy Birthday” as it goes through its life stages. Kids can teach it to talk, sing, walk, and more.

Hatchimals come in five different “species,” according to, “Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles and Bearakeets — sell for around $50 and are very hard to find. Ebay and Amazon third-party sellers are currently listing the toy for sale in the range of $100 - $279.

Among the most rare are the “species” are those which are available only through specific retailers who have exclusive selling rights. The CNBC report notes that, “Wal-Mart is the only retailer that sells Burtles, Target has the exclusive rights to Bearakeets and Toys R Us is the sole seller of Owlcorns.”

If recent listings on Amazon are to be believed, the Owlcorn is the most elusive to find. Toys R Us is not accepting online orders for Hatchimals, but the retailer's Black Friday ad was leaked, featuring Hatchimals among the items available. Shoppers will be permitted to buy only one per customer, according to a statement made by Toys R Us.

Here's what Hatchimals look like in action...