Being in the middle of a tough situation may cause you to think there's no hope in sight.

However, there is always hope deep inside of you no matter what the situation.

Having peace in your heart means you can be in the midst of trials and still have a calm about you. It means somewhere deep inside you feel hope for something good to come - even out of a tough situation. It is possible to see beauty from ashes. I've come thru some dark, tragic periods in life, and I've seen how God used even my lowest points to grow in me some of my best qualities and do a work in me for some of my greatest achievements. My children, my ministry and my show are a few of my greatest blessings that have come out of some real pain and hard work.

You have to stay hopeful, whatever it is you're going thru today. Billy Ray Cyrus and Dionne Warwick have a new duet together singing the message, "Hope Is Just Ahead." If you have not heard it yet, get a tissue, turn up the volume and listen. It's a timely and beautiful piece that speaks to the turmoil in today's world with a rock solid message that hope never dies. Hope can lift you up from the depths of despair and guide you thru the darkness to a beautiful tomorrow...

Hope Is Just Ahead

I wondered why I had the blues,
So I turned on the evening news,
Children runnin' from their school,
Because of some damn fool,
Had no morals he must prove.

Another kid laid in the blood,
Another town drowned in the flood,
Just a tragic trail of tears,
Lessons not learned through the years,
Heaven save us from our fears.

Hope is just ahead,
Sorrows just behind us,
From what the good book says,
The truth will never bind us.

Who's to say what we shall find?
I guess the proof will show in time,
Til then let's keep the dreamers fed,
For surely hope is just ahead.

Go download "Hope Is Just Ahead" and let it speak to your heart today. You can get it on iTunes where a portion of the proceeds will benefit Do The Write Thing - National Campaign To Stop Violence . May this song inspire you to pass on a message of hope to the young ones in your life, for they are the dreamers we have to keep fed. They are the ones we have to inspire, because they are the ones who will do great things - even out of tough situations. By spreading the message of hope and love, we can achieve a better world for our kids.

Have YOU ever been through tough times that have made you grow some of your best qualities? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post