NASA is searching for hundreds of "moon trees" grown from seeds that were carried aboard Apollo 14 that orbited the moon in 1971... 

The space agency was interested in seeing whether the seeds ability to sprout was affected by their time in space.  The seeds were later planted and the saplings were shipped out to parks, schools and other places, only to eventually be forgotten.  According to "USA Today," the search for the lost moon trees started in 1996, when a third-grade teacher in Indiana assigned her students to write about local trees. 

One student told her about a tree that had a sign identifying it as a moon tree.  They contacted NASA and the effort began to track down the "moon trees."  Dave Williams, curator of NASA's National Space Science Data Center has found 79 of them and in the week since the 40th anniversary of Apollo 14's splashdown on February 9th he has several leads on others. 

Courtesy of Metro Source