Drama within a friend group is usually difficult to resolve depending on the scenario.

Delilah shares a dilemma from a loyal listener involving her boyfriend and someone in their friend group who she thought she could trust.

Dear Delilah:

I have recently found out thru my boyfriend that his best friend's girlfriend, who is also a dear friend of mine, has made inappropriate advances towards my boyfriend. Now I'm finding it hard to be around her, to trust her and to forgive her. Am I wrong...have we become "frenemies"? Tina

Dear Tina:

First off, you have to forgive her just because not forgiving her will actually hurt you more. But you can't trust somebody who is untrustworthy. And if she truly is hitting on your boyfriend, then she is not trustworthy. If I were you, I would confront her calmly and tell her what you heard she did and how it hurts your feelings. Not to mention, it would probably hurt her boyfriend's feelings if he found out. She could be a flirtatious person who likes to joke around, but it doesn't necessarily mean she is warm for your boyfriend. And it could be she doesn't realize how inappropriate her behavior is. Or, it could be she really is trying to hook up with your boyfriend. Whatever she's doing, you need to confront it in love, not rage, talk it out, and then decide if you can be friends or if you are, indeed, frenemies. Good luck! Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post