Resumes are meant to give an overview of your past job history, but they maybe revealing more about you than you think including your age, children, religious beliefs and how committed you are to your jobs.

Here are somethings to keep in mind when writing your resume.

1.) You May Be Revealing Your Age-

If you include the year you graduated from school or if you include job experience from the 70s or 80s, the employer may decide you are too old to hire. You should just put "graduated" or "received GED," etc. instead of including a graduation date.

2.) Family Information- 

If you add volunteer information on your resume like coaching for little league or other organizations tell the employer that you have kids. By law they aren't allowed to ask, but they can figure it out!

3.) Religious or Political Affiliations-

Even if the organization doesn't come right out and say what religion or campaign it's for, but if you can look it up on-line, so can your potential employer.

4.) Start Date-

Sure you say you can start ASAP, but if you have an out of state address the employer will know that you aren't local for them and that may hinder your chances.

5.) Work Ethic- 

If your resume has typos, grammatical errors (one of my pet peeves!), or just isn't coherent, the potential employer will think you are lazy or not detail oriented or both!