Wow, this was horrible.

The world has certainly become a cruel place, especially over the internet. It's a reminder that once you put something online, unfortunately it is "always there".

Jenny Smith from Ranburne, Alabama and mother of four has been stepping up to the plate defending her 3-year-old song, Grayson. Her son Grayson was born with 22 birth anomalies and is terminally ill. Someone on the internet used his picture to make an offensive meme, and now it has become a growing trend using his picture. Now, she's fighting back:

My husband and I are trying to use it as a positive example," Smith told ABC News. "No. 1, to let other families know that it can happen to them and, No. 2, try to educate people of children with special needs and that terminally ill children are not to be used for a gag or a laugh. This is someone's child and personal photo and not to be made into a joke."