So should you see 'Iron Man 3' in the theater, or should you wait for it to come out on DVD so you can watch it on your couch?

When it comes to movies, I don't rate them using a star system or a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

These are my ratings:

1- See it in the theater (Bonus points if it should be in 3-D) = Excellent movie and worth the money to see on the big screen. (Special effects will sound better in the theater!)

2- Wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray/DVD = It was good, but I wouldn't pay theater prices to go see it! (I don't have to pay $10 for a bowl of popcorn at my house.)

3- I'll wait for it on TV = It was OK, but I wouldn't pay anything to see it.

4- Don't bother watching it at all! = Very rare, but it has happened. Have you seen Orange County?

A couple of co-workers and I were talking about 'Iron Man 3' and about the Marvel and DC movie series in general. We decided that they are just like soap operas. You have to know what happens next! One of the guys said he became a comic book junkie because of it! I guess that's part of the reason I like these movies so much -- they suck you in! (Also, Robert Downey Jr. seems to get hotter and hotter in each movie, so that helps...)

One of the complaints from the last movie was that there wasn't enough action in it. That is not a problem in this movie, and it is also very funny. I will tell you that if you haven't seen The Avengers, watch it before you watch this movie because they refer to it a couple of times.

'Iron Man 3' starts out with Tony Stark working on new Iron Man technology that is controlled by his mind. Very BA! There are several suits in this movie -- you can see some of them below. I don't want to tell you too much, but I will say that I liked Gwyneth Paltrow's character even more after watching this movie. As always, wait until the end of the credits because there is an Easter Egg waiting for you!

I would say go see this movie in theaters this weekend, preferably in 3-D! It was the best of the three movies, in my opinion. I am a little biased, as parts of the movie were filmed close to where I used to live in Eastern NC. You can see the news story about that and other Iron Man goodies below!

*Spoiler Alert -- If you don't want to know anything about the movie, don't watch this video: