UPDATE: May 9, 2013: Such great news...a happy ending to this story! REGGIE IS HOME!!!

I'm waiting to hear from his "mom" to see how it unfolded. But what's so thrilling is this is going to be the best Dog-Mother's Day weekend!

THANK YOU to all who shared and posted and looked for him.  Another reason to LOVE BUFFALO!!!!!  :)

ORIGINAL STORY: About two weeks ago, a woman named Lindsey reached out to Joy FM's Facebook page to share info on her missing dog. I know there are a lot of these stories out there, but for some reason, it's become my mission to get Reggie home.


This sweet, friendly, 4-year-old pit mix is missed dearly by his family....especially his little nieces.


Reggie was lost on April 27, but has been spotted many times. Of course, now with a monetary reward being offered, it's bringing out the WORST in some people.

Please...this family just wants their pup back home. My heart breaks every day when I see updates. Lindsey is working tirelessly to see this happen...and the very least I can do is try to help reunite this family.

If you've ever owned a pet, you know how hard it is to even think about one night without your loyal, faithful furry friend. It's a member of the family and like a child.

I will be eternally indebted to you when we find Reggie and bring him home safe and sound. The "Bring Home Reggie" page has constant updates and phone numbers.  Please add to your news feed and share the page.