Delilah has created many intricate pieces of art, all to be sold to help benefit something she is truly passionate about.

Delilah sells her artwork to raise money for the nonprofit organization Point Hope:

Founded in 2004 by Delilah, the international radio personality, Point Hope is a nonprofit which helps support children internationally and domestically. Internationally, Point Hope aids vulnerable children, women and the disabled in West Africa. Domestically, Point Hope is working with caring, compassionate people of action establishing "Point of Hope" Chapters across the U.S., which hosts special events for foster children and also raises funds for Point Hope to continue the mission of being a Voice for For Forgotten Children...Saving Lives, Providing Purpose, Restoring Hope.

Some pieces of her artwork, in addition to the photo above, include:

Point Hope, Inc.
Point Hope, Inc.
Point Hope, Inc.

Check out some more of her artwork in the Point Hope art gallery.

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post