We've all seen our fair share of tragedy in the past few weeks. From Hurricane Sandy's devastating effects, to the Newtown, CT shootings, it seemed the good news would never come.  Then came the horrific events on Christmas eve in the Rochester suburb of Webster.  While most were celebrating with family and friends, exchanging gifts and remembering the year gone by, several families there watched their homes go up in flames, and 2 families unexpectedly said good-bye to their personal heroes.   A madman on the loose with no regard for human life set out to kill first responders, and to set fire to as many homes as possible.  In his wake, he left families crushed, homes destroyed, and lives unhinged.

I couldn't believe my ears when my dear friend Alana (also a paramedic in the Rochester area) called to tell me one of the firefighters killed was in fact her brother-in-law.


Michael "Chip" Chiapperini, named "Firefighter of the Year" just 2 weeks ago, was shot to death while responding to the Webster fire.  Alana asked me to share this information, as Chip left behind a wife and 3 young children.   Please read a little more about Chip here, and if you are able, make a donation to the fund set up to help take care of his family.

I know we've all faced a lot of bad news recently, and the holidays may have drained our pockets a bit.  What this madman will never drain is WNY's heart, and our incredible compassion for one another.  Do what you can.

Take care of each other.

<3 LD