Bud Light just ranked NFL fans to see how superstitious they are...and it appears being superstitious actually WORKS!

The Baltimore Ravens have the most superstitious fans, and of course, they won the Super Bowl (obviously they WEREN'T using all their powers last Sunday...I digress...).

Sorry, Vikings fans...you guys are the least superstitious...

So how superstitious are Bills fans? According to the survey, we fall at no. 9 out of 32 teams.

According to Anheuser-Busch's survey results:

  •  “I get my Bills hat on and place various Bills items around the living room.” – Male, Age 40-49
  • “I spend all morning making buffalo wings with my special sauce that I only make during the season for game day.” – Female, Age 50-59
  • “I wear the same jersey every game, even if it hasn’t been washed. I also keep Bills memorabilia on hand near the TV.” – Female, Age 60-69
  • “My dog wears my Bills jersey from when I wake up to kick-off, and that’s when I put it on.” – Male, Age 50-59
  • “I set up my stuffed buffalo to watch the game with me.” – Female, Age 40-49

Ok, sports fans...share your superstitions here!