Charcoal rules!

There are many opinions when deciding what type of grill is best; however, the one simple thing that you need to know is that it is a matter of taste and convenience -- and then make it work for you.

When we moved to Buffalo, we were really set on having a private outside space/yard to be able to grill out and enjoy the Buffalo summer. Well, we were fortunate to find a great place with a big blacktop parking lot that we were given the go-ahead to use for outside enjoyment. WOW -- even more than we had bargained for in terms of outside space.

One of the next purchases was a portable charcoal grill from Big Lots, along with a bag of their Sizzle brand instant light charcoal -- acore two for Big Lots! Let me tell, you that coal torches up and gets great heat going in a matter of minutes.

Upon first glance, without considering the possibilities, we may have passed on our new place and missed out on the great space and friendly neighbors to hang out and grill with. I am partial to charcoal grilling because we enjoy the flavor, except for a few extra minutes for prep and cleanup; it works for me and my wife.
There's always a way to tailgate or parking lot party it in Buffalo. Enjoy the flavors of the season, and strike up a grill match.