Here's a great story that lends some perspective to today's teens. And I'm not trying to be an old fuddy-duddy; I'm just saying from experience, anyone born after 1990 seems to have this ridiculous sense of entitlement and would SURELY pitch a fit if their senior prom was cancelled for something as "trivial" a war.

New Haven, Conn.'s Hillhouse High School class of 1943 was already facing some pretty unsteady and frightening times. Their senior prom was surely a bright spot in a time of trouble. But they wouldn't be celebrating...for another 70 years.

Their original prom was cancelled in 1943 because of World War II. Many of the boys in the class were already enlisted.

Most of the grads are now about 88 years old..and while they're celebrating their 70th class reunion, they'll also FINALLY go to the prom.

Talk about perspective!!!!