There's no escaping it. I am a lover of sappy Christmas movies.  I could sit for hours and watch the Hallmark Channel this month and never grow tired of their very predictable holiday stories.  There are a few favorites I've come to know over the years, and every year brings a new favorite as well.

One movie I'm looking forward to seeing this year is Hallmark's "A Princess for Christmas."  The movie got my attention because initially it is set here in Buffalo.  Although it's portrayal of our fair city does not exactly appear loving, the movie still looks as though it has a great storyline if you're into happy endings.  I've only seen the previews, but hope to be able to sit down and watch this one this holiday season.

Hallmark's "Cancel Christmas" is also at the top of my favorite movie list this holiday season. (I got a chance to watch this one recently.)  The storyline is precious, totally goofy at times, but heartwarming to the very end.

Another cute new holiday movie this year on Hallmark is "Lucky Christmas." Single mom with young boy loses lottery ticket when car gets stolen, finds love, loses love when she discovers he has lottery ticket. I'm sure you can imagine how this turns out. It is of course, another happy ending. They make me very crazy though - when they delay cashing in the lottery ticket. Kiss later, cash now!

"The Christmas Card" is a favorite of mine from a couple of years back. The story of a soldier who comes back to the states and visits a stranger who sent him a Christmas card when he was overseas. The stranger is of course a beautiful young woman, and after several bumps in the road there's another happy holiday ending.

The list could go on endlessly, but I will name one last favorite. "A Season for Miracles" which details the story of a homeless family who finds a place to settle down for the holidays. Great story, sure to leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling.