As per my usual, I didn't shop on Black Friday.  I stayed with my family and watched the Star Wars saga on cable.

Then comes Cyber Monday...which I flaked on as well, simply because when I see all these amazing "deals" brightly displayed on my computer screen, I get far too overwhelmed, end up filling my online basket with hundreds of dollars' worth of gifts, seemingly for every person I have ever met.  Adult A.D.D.?  Perhaps. I end up emptying said basket, and saying "I'll shop locally tomorrow."

"Tomorrow" becomes "next week", "next week" becomes "the following week", and before I know it, it's December 23rd and I'm wandering around aimlessly at the mall, surrounded by hundreds of men with the same glazed look on their faces.

I did, however, track down some other days you should shop...or ship:

12/14 -- The Post Office calls this "stamp and ship" day, meaning if you're planning on mailing gifts, this date ensures they get there on time.
12/17 -- In addition to this being my birthday ;) , most retailers will participate in Free Shipping Day.  If you can't find one, suggests checking their site for "free shipping" codes, plus other ways to save on shopping!
12/23 -- National eGift Card's never too late to send an egift card to a hard-to-buy-for person on your list
12/26 -- Sure, it's after the holiday, but it's also Coupon Code Day.  Post-holiday sales are abundant for anything Santa may have missed on your list

Happy shopping.....(if there is such a thing...) :)

<3 LD