A story like this really helps you remember that there's a silver lining to every bad event...especially if a dog is involved.

A homeless man in Brazil named Lauri daCosta was hit in the face with a rock, and went to the hospital for some treatment.

After he checked in, doctor's realized he also had skin cancer, so they did surgery to remove it.  He's still in the hospital recovering.

The REAL tear-jerker comes when you hear about Lauri's dog, Seco.  Ever since Lauri has been hospitalized, Seco has been waiting for him outside.  Like only man's best friend would.

Staff noticed, and started giving him food and water.  And 8 days after Lauri checked in, the nurses wheeled him outside to say hello to Seco.  And the video is precious.



Your own personal Seco may be waiting at the Buffalo Animal Shelter...we're big fans.  <3