A City Council in Texas decided Tuesday that a homeless man who found $77,000 in a city park in a Texan town may keep the money.

Timothy Yost, who is homeless, was walking through Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop, Texas, in January,he spotted a bag, which jingled when he kicked it, according to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper. Upon opening the bag, he found damp bills and 40 gold Krugerrand coins from South Africa.

Bastrop Mayor Terry Orr told sources that detectives launched a lengthy investigation to find the money’s owner, reaching out to the FBI and a bank fraud investigation team and also placed an ad in the local newspaper, per the law.

Ultimately, detectives along with the City Council determined that the money was found, and under Texas state law, a finder may be a keeper, so long as the original owner can’t be located.

(From MSN)