When was the last time you heard the word drought in Western New York? Well you're hearing it now!

According to the National Weather Service, the area is more than five inches below the average yearly rainfall to date.

But you're thinking it's okay because you are watering your lawn and plants? A thorough watering doesn't mean standing on the lawn holding a hose for five to 10 minutes, plants need several hours of constant watering, to ensure the water seeps down into the roots.

It's not just plants and lawns that are suffering...No moisture means no nectar for the bees. Experts say the problem goes back to the winter,a lighter than usual snowfall this year means Western New York went into the spring already drier than usual. Two to three days of continuous showers are needed to have an impact.

A cold front is expected Tuesday night and along with that aa 40 percent chance of much needed showers.